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    NaNoExoMo Going Great for First Two Weeks

    So I made NaNoExoMo because November is the month where groups organize to do something everyday for a whole month. The most absurd to me is writing a whole novel in a month (NaNoWriMo is an annual (November) novel writing project). Well, I most certainly wasn’t going to do that. For the past two years […]



NaNoExoMo Going Great for First Two Weeks

So I made NaNoExoMo because November is the month where groups organize to do something everyday for a whole month. The most absurd to me is writing a whole novel in a month (NaNoWriMo is an annual (November) novel writing project). Well, I most certainly wasn't going to do that. For the past two years I've committed to making a ...

Saturday Ride to Bartlett Lake

The best way to spend a Saturday morning in Arizona in October. The weather was perfect. Rode up Cave Creek and picked up Tami. Then we rode to Harold's in Cave Creek for breakfast. Next stop was the lake. Cam is leading the way. :) Bartlett Lake Ride (Arizona) from soul4real on Vimeo. Motorcycle ride out to Bartlett Lake in Scottsdale, AZ. ...

featuredimage Asila & GCC Bear Ready for Spring Break

The story of Asila is an interesting one. She's the rainbow bear in the picture. I bought her at a gay pride celebration in Las Vegas many years ago. I want to say about 11 years, but I can't really be certain. I was dating someone who lived there at the time, and I traveled there often. Asila became my ...

featuredimage Track Reunion: Going Back to Say Thanks

Me & Coach Craig Originally uploaded by This past weekend I drove to Bakersfield, CA for my college Track & Field and Cross Country reunion. I graduated from California State University Bakersfield 20 years ago, and I had never been back. That’s not because I didn’t enjoy my time there. In fact, I’d forgotten how much fun I had back in ...

featuredimage Road Trip to Strawberry

Motorcycle Girls Originally uploaded by cogdogblog C and I took another quick road trip this weekend to escape the heat of the valley. We usually try to get out of town early in the morning before it gets too hot. But this trip was different because we were going up to Strawberry ...

featuredimage Hawley Lake Camping for the 4th

We go up to Hawley Lake every summer for some rest and relaxation on the lake. It's just so beautiful up there. We went for the first time the first week in June, but decided we would come back up for the 4th of July since we love it so much. We'd never been in July, and now we know ...

featuredimage Proud to Call Them Friends

IMG_2211 Originally uploaded by nooccar I've been working in the Maricopa Community College District now for 10 years, and I've met plenty of people along the way. Some of these people it's a real honor to work with and others are a joy to call colleagues, but very few are people I'd want to hang out with after hours. That all changed ...

featuredimage Finally Got Some Vid Off My Camera

What a nightmare experience that was. Yes, it wasn't easy, even for me. I shot some video yesterday of my hike on Piestewa Peak, but when I got home and tried to download it, I couldn't. Turns out I needed the AC cable, which I did not have. So today I got it, and started once again to download my ...

New Shock on my Mtn Bike

Thanks to Sun Cyclery on 7th St & Bethany Home for installing my new front shocks. There was really nothing wrong with the old ones besides having the claws ripped off in a freak brain freeze mishap last year. I forgot the bike was on the roof of my suv, and I ran into the […]

Breakfast of Champions

I’m trying to eat. etter so i can lose a little weight. Gained 10lbs since last year and my body isn’t holding it well. Plus I need energy. so this morning I’m having strawberries, canteloupe, and apples with Naked Juice Blue Machine. Plenty of fiber in this meal. via Pixelpipe Posted via email from Coop’s […]

Making Collard Green & Black-Eyed Pea Soup (VloMo10 Day 3)

Today’s VloMo video comes courtesy of my Canon Rebel T1i. I’ve never shot a video using my SLR camera before, so I wanted to give it a try. It’s not easy because the camera doesn’t self focus if you move in or out. You have to focus the camera and then shoot, so I have […]

Biking to Vote (VloMo10 Day 2)

I decided that I would cut down on short car trips by riding my bike. So today, I rode my bike down to the church to vote. This video was shot using a ContourHD helmet cam that was clamped to my handlebars. I doubled the speed in iMovie and added a little music. Enjoy.

No GCC Love in San Diego

San Diego 2010 Originally uploaded by Well, I haven’t blogged in a while, so I’m just going to try and see if I can still do it. I went to the SITE (Society for Information Technology and Teacher Ed) conference last week. C was able to tag along since she can work from anywhere, […]

Slowly Making the Adjustments

So this is my first week unofficially at Glendale CC. I’ve been over there setting up my office and taking care of all the little things that make me official, like network account, phone, keys, parking passes, Blackboard classes and iTunes U classes. Most of the stuff you have to do at GCC we don’t […]

I’m a Superhero!

Oh yeah baby! Wonder Coop is in the house! Okay, I know. I have too much time on my hands. Actually I have very little, but I have this habit of procrastinating when the times get tight. This is how I proscratinate. I develop super heroes on the internet. Want your own super hero? Check […]

How About a Little Music?

Yeah, I know. Still procrastinating. It’s all Laura’s fault. I was minding my own beezewax (what ever that is), about to get to work, and she texted me about I don’t know how I ended up at after that, but here’s my playlist anyway. Have a listen to my playlist.

Back into Running Again – Sort of

I’ve decided that it’s time to make a running comeback. I ran cross country and track all through college. I was actually pretty good at it at one point. Good enough for it to pay for 5 years of college. I think I could have been better if I could have just convinced myself I […]

Internet Keeps Me Connected

I’m traveling this week for the TechEd conference in Ontario, CA. I’m not that far away from home, just an hour flight across the desert, but I always feel so much further away. Tonight however, I tuned into the internet to get my fix of home. Both the Diamondbacks and the Suns were playing, and […]