My Twitter Updates for 2007-06-28

Jun 28th, 2007 | By | Category: Twitter
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  • Still dejunking. Selling the house. Moving back to civilization. Yippie! #
  • Zentation: Online Video And Powerpoint Get Married (Reading my feeds. This could be an interesting adventure. ) #
  • Pownce vs. Twitter, and why Twitter is screwed (Just checking out Pownce. Could be fun. Check it out. ) #
  • @caitcody kind of like twitter but with more features.
    Grading papers and writing finals. Trying to finish before the dbacks game. #
  • Creating a screencast to show students how to create their final exam writing portfolio using a WordPress Blog. Will post link in a bit. #
  • Rethinking our decision to sell our house in the middle of summer. Its freakin’ 110 degrees right now. #

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