The Pressure is On

Jun 29th, 2007 | By | Category: Play
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Dang! I set up this site with no intentions of blogging here; it’s just a jumping off point for people searching for me. But for some reason I’m feeling the pressure to post. Maybe it’s because I’m getting tired of seeing my daily Twitter posts that are posted here. Ah, who knows. Maybe I just have the itch. I had to take a break from 23 Things so I could get all my grading done, and I’m on summer hiatus from my other blogs. I was just feeling the need to post something, anything, even this boring, say absolutely nothing post. See, there it is. I feel better already.

How about a little photo from my Flickr collection. That’s always fun to look at. This is from a dive bar in Tucson – Tommy’s bar. C and I stopped in on our way over to see Hot Tuna. We had some time to kill, so we thought, “why not?” Boy, what a rude awakening. There were some strange people in that bar. The bartender was very nice and surprisingly cute.  But not cute enough to stick around for. We had one drink and ran for the door.

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