Giving Tangler a Try

Aug 1st, 2007 | By | Category: Web 2.0

I created a short screencast to show my friends how to join my discussion on Tangler. I’m still playing around with it, but I’m pretty sure I want to use it with my students in the fall and maybe even my friends if they can stand it. It seems to be a good discussion forum, although it lacks threaded capabilities like most of the others I’ve used. Now if I could just find a threaded discussion Web 2.0 tool similar to LiveJournal, I’d be in heaven.

Click here to view screencast:

What is Tangler?

Tangler is a discussion network. It’s like having all your discussion forums in one place, but better. It’s real-time so you can have a live conversation, and also lets you add in pictures and videos.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Tangler. Threaded conversations is something that is hotly debated at Tangler, we hope to be able to provide some enhancements in coming releases.

  2. Hey DR Koop, thanks for the screencast. It was really helpful to see how someone walks through Tangler and your voice over was not only professional, it could also be our ‘guide to Tangler’.

    Thanks again for the support,

    Mick from Tangler,

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