Fantasy Football Time is Here!

Aug 3rd, 2007 | By | Category: Sports
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I’ve been running a fantasy football league, AZ Ladies, for about 8 years now, and as much as I hate being the ring leader and collector/distributer of the money, I do love to play fantasy football. So it’s that time of the year again. We’re moving back to Yahoo! Fantasy Sports this year even though FleaFlicker was a good free alternatives. Some people really missed the stat tracker from Yahoo! It is pretty sweet.

Congratulations to Jaime and DeeDee, winners of the AZ Ladies FF 2006!!

League Champ: JayDevils – Win: $70
Runner Up: HopHeads – Win: $50
3rd: Otis – Win: $45
4th: Desert Diamonds – Win: $40
5th: Screaming Hyenas – Win: $30
6th: Deadbirds06 – Win: $25
7th: CoopCam Kabam – Win: $22
8th: Let it Burn! – Win: $20

Consolation Winner: Bloodhound Stench – Win: $20
Runner up: Flipflops
Defending Champs
Orange Crush
Lester’s Ladies

This Year’s Draft Order:
1. Devils4Life (Mo & Kelli) – Please pay your $20 to Jamie!
2. Bloodhound Stench (Joyce) (PAID)
3. Flipflops (Tami) (PAID)
4. Lester’s Ladies
5. H-Devil (Lisa Gilligan was ejected from the league for incredibly poor play – Tosh, you in?) – Please pay $20 to Jamie!
6. Beserkers (Cait) (PAID)
7. Orange Crush (Patty)
8. Defending Champs (Chrissy)
9. Let it Burn! (Laurie Miller got Kellie Ross’s spot last year, but K is back!) (PAID)
10. CoopCam Kabam (PAID)
11. Deadbirds06 (Kim Singleton) (PAID)
12. Screaming Hyenas (Rys) (PAID)
13. Desert Diamonds (Brenda LuHoo) (PAID)
14. Otis (Lisa Schwarz) (PAID)
15. HopHeads (Tana Quit! – Christina’s team now) (PAID)
16. JayDevils (Kansas & DeeDee) (PAID)

Picks were determined by last year’s finish. There was a drawing for 4-8 picks: Defending Champs, H-Devil, Beserkers, Orange Crush & Lester’s Ladies.

Good luck ladies!

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