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Aug 12th, 2007 | By | Category: Music, Play, Web 2.0
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Of course it might just take until I turn 50 before it uploads all 30gb of my music, but more on that later. I discovered yesterday while reading my Google Reader feeds.

MP3tunes is a MSP (Music Service Provider), providing individuals a personal music locker with unlimited storage online, making it possible to access one’s music collection from any device. is the home of the Oboe Locker. MP3tunes also has an independent music store with music available for purchase at

I think Mashable had a post about online storage sites, ONLINE STORAGE: 80+ File Hosting and Sharing Sites. Anyway, I’ve been looking for something to help me control my out of control music collection. I have 4 computers I use pretty regularly: iMac, Macbook Pro, two Windows PCs, one at home and one at school. To add to this music collection mess, I have two kids and a partner who also love music. Cam has a laptop, but the boys have their on log ins on my home PC. So even though they are on the same computer, they have their own music files. So we have a total of 7 iTunes libraries and tons of music.

I know there are other methods for controlling this mess, and I’ve read several good articles about file servers and shared folders, but it was all too confusing to me. Now the way works sounds simple enough once it’s all set up. Getting to that point is a test of my patience however. It’s been about 2 1/2 hours just uploading 2Pac, and that’s only the first artist in my list of many. That’s slow, but it could be my computer and wireless connection. I’m sure it will be worth the wait. I can upload unlimited amounts of music and sync it with 3 computers for free. If it works, I can pay for an upgrade ($40 a year) to sync unlimited computers. The good thing about is once my music is uploaded, I can listen from any computer no matter where I am. You can even listen to your music on other devices:

A growing family of popular devices are already connected to the Music Locker: TiVo, Nokia phones and Internet tablets, the Logitech Squeezebox, and more.

I think this is great if you want to unlock your music from your computer. You can even download plugins to play your music on traditional media players like Winamp and iTunes. Not to mention this is a great backup solution for keeping your music safe. I can’t wait until I get it all uploaded. I may have to switch to a wired connection to get it all done. But when it is, no more wondering which computer to use to sync my iPod, looking for the most recent music downloads. They’ll all be the same! WooHoo!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this! This was on my top ten list of dilemmas for 2007. It is still slow even with a wired connection just to let you know. Its taking 1+ hours for 5gbs.

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