Procrastinating Again

Aug 16th, 2007 | By | Category: Play, Technology
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Yep! It’s good to be really good at things. I’m really good at a lot of things, but I win procrastinating hands down. I think my mom set me up to be a good procrastinator. Yeah, I’m blaming my mother. When I was young, she was a single working parent who arrived home at 5:30pm sharp everyday. I know this because that was the time my siblings and I had to have our chores done by. So we would play outside (foreign concept, I know) all day after school until about 5:15pm. Then we would run home and vacuume, dust and do the dishes before our mother got home.  She was always so pleased that we spent so much time cleaning and doing our chores.

So that pretty much rationalizes why I’m good at procrastinating. But in the mean time, I usually discover some pretty cool tools on the web while I’m playing stalling. Today I discovered 3guppies.

3Guppies lets you mobilize your media from anywhere on the web. You can download ringtones, share videos and send pictures to your cell phone – or even a friend’s phone! We’ll help you find it, create it and download it – that’s what mobilizing is all about!

My love affair with my Blackberry Pearl continues. Now I’ve got YouTube videos to watch on it. More stuff to do while I’m procrastinating. Anyone can get videos, ringtones and pictures on the their phone, but 3guppies makes it easier by creating a  Mobilizer plug-in that lets you easily send media to not just your cell phone, but any cell phone.

With the Mobilizer plug-in installed, right-click on a web page, a media file or hover over a video to send it to any cell phone. Enter the phone number and 3Guppies will format and deliver the media to that cell phone.

It’s really sweet! So the next time I want to show you that interesting video on YouTube I won’t be giving you a link. I’ll be whipping out my Blackberry and showing you on the go.

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