Birthday Week

Sep 1st, 2007 | By | Category: Music, News, Sports, YouTube
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Another year older. Sigh…

This past week flew by. I was extremely busy with adding working out back into my schedule. Yeah, and you know me, I don’t do it half ass by any means. I just jump right in to the fire. You can read about my aching muscles on my fitness blog. Click the Fitness tab above.

I hate spam. Thought I’d share that on my blog today. :-) I have a bunch of my hurdle videos up on YouTube for my track team, and they just got hit by a wave of spam this past week. I just spent about 10 minutes cleaning it all up. I don’t know why these people bother. Bug off! If you want to watch a spam free hurdle video, check it out:

Speaking of YouTube, I was trying to figure out what the Crank That Soulja Boy Superman dance was all about last week, so of course I went to YouTube to see if there were any videos. Yeah, only about 500! Incredible collection. Incredible in size, but not necessarily in talent. Apparently anybody and everybody who can do this dance felt the need to video tape themselves doing it. It’s kind of cool, but I’m a little too old to be learning line dances. Not that old people shouldn’t dance, but the only place anyone would be doing that dance I’m sure I would not want to spend time in. I get enough teenie bopper hiphop culture at work. But if you would like to learn to do the Crank That Soulja Boy Superman dance, watch up:

Soulja Boy himself is teaching this one. Skip all the way to the end to see the dance with the music:

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