Week 1 Fantasy Excitement

Sep 11th, 2007 | By | Category: Fantasy Sports
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football.jpgOh yeah! The dust has settled on the first week of fantasy football, and what an exciting week it was. There were some great matchups. The Red Machine simply kicked ass this week, which is funny because Mo & Kelli couldn’t even figure out how to log into their team until Sunday night. Good thing they didn’t need to. Tony Romo scored 49 points for them! That’s pretty awesome. And of course it didn’t hurt having the first pick in the draft and scoring LT. They look like the team to beat this year. Can they handle the pressure?

ffweek1.jpg Well, my CoopCam Kabaam team won this week thanks to Chris Carr, Oakland DB, who scored me 17 points. That’s pretty good for a defensive player. It’s good to get a win over Jersey Girl. Next up is the FlipFlops who also scored a victory in Week 1 over Dr. C’s Berserkers. I guess for week one if you’re a Dr. you win, as Dr. R’s miseryrisers also won over Otis Time.

Okay, how can you only score 65 points in fantasy football? What’s up with that Otis? You have to be seriously neglecting your team to only score 65 points. Sad. Let me help you out. Hot Tip: Terry Glenn has a knee injury and may miss the season.

Nice win Les and Rys. Lester’s Ladies and Screaming Hyenas will be tough to beat this season. Of course, those hyenas are riding on the Patriots’ back. Better hope they don’t have a set back this season. Be careful Jaydevils, I may be talking trash about you next week if you don’t get that team in order. You are the defending champion, remember?

Week 1 Standings (click to view larger image):



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