Weird Real Estate Rituals

Sep 25th, 2007 | By | Category: House, Rants
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We put in an offer on a house yesterday. The house is in the 11th Ave & Glendale area, so much closer to work and play. I’m a little torn between being exciting and just being apathetic. I mean we still have this house to sell, and if you haven’t noticed, houses aren’t selling too quickly these days. C and Sue, the Realtor, are a bit more optimistic than me. I guess I’ll just have to resort to all the rituals people go through to help sell their houses.

I’ve got a saint. Yep, I do. Apparently he is Saint Joseph, and he is to be buried in the yard somewhere. Okay, I’ve got a shovel. I can do that. But wait, some say to bury him upside down. Others say bury him in the front yard. Oh boy. Does it have to be so complicated?

I did a Google search for “selling house rituals” and guess what pops up first? Yep, Saint Joseph. The first site listed is the site. And there is a lot more involved than just burying a statue. My goodness. I need oil, candles, herbs, and a photo too. Now this is sure to freak C out. They detail all that we are to do, but here are the last instructions:

Now take up the statue of Saint Joseph and dig a hole in your back yard. If there is no back yard, use the front yard. If there is no yard at all, dig a hole in a large potted plant. Bury the statue upside down, head downward, facing east, in the hole and cover it over. Let the candle burn continually inside until it goes out.

Okay, so where the hell do I find a Saint Joseph’s candle, and a photo, and oil? Dang, I can’t believe I’m even considering this.

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