Bike for sale $3200

Sep 29th, 2007 | By | Category: News
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Bike for sale 3200

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I saw this sweet bike today at Home Depot. It had a for sale sign on the front. My mouth started to drool, so I took two photos. The first one was of the sign with the bike make and year and the phone number to call. And the second photo is the one pictured to the right. Guess which photo got lost in T-mobile cellular space? Yep, the most important one. Dang! I’d be really upset if I was actually ready to buy a bike, but I’m not yet. I have to sell and buy a house first, then I can get a bike. Until then, I’ll just dream about this one. You know how much I love the color red. This is sweet! I think it is a V-Star or something like that.

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