Finally Another Fantasy Win

Oct 1st, 2007 | By | Category: Fantasy Sports
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I was getting pretty discouraged with my fantasy football team this year. Basically they suck. Well, not the whole team, but my QBs, and they usually score most of the points for the team. Alex Smith, SF, went out in the first drive with a hurt shoulder after managing to score -1 pt. Now he’s out for at least 2 weeks. My other QB, Mark Bulger, St. Louis, didn’t do much better. He scored a whopping 1.5 pts. That’s pretty much pathetic. QBs average 20-25 pts per game. Bulger’s got 39 total for the first 4 weeks. Really pathetic! Then my best player, RB Brian Westbrook, Philly, didn’t even play yesterday. Zero points. Argh!!

So going into the MNF game, Otis had five players playing, and all my players were done. I had a total of 86.9 points and Otis had like 43 points. All she needed was to score about 42 and I was toast. She had Carson Palmer, a RB, WR, and two defensive players. Carson Palmer can score 40 on his own, but not tonight. New England shut down the Bengals and Otis in the process. I snuck out a win.


Now hopefully this score will stand. I’ve been disappointed before on the day after when Yahoo! refigures all the scores. That better not happen.  I’m now 2-2 and 4th in my division. Whoohoo! Go CoopCam Kabaam!

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