Technology in My Heiny

Nov 19th, 2007 | By | Category: Drinks, Technology
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No, not my butt. My Heineken. My beer.

I bought one of the new Heineken mini kegs last week at the corner store near my house. I bought it because it looked cool, and I do like Heineken Light. It’s not skunky like the regular version. I was surprised to see the kegs at a corner gas station/store. I thought for sure this would be something I would have to hunt down to try out. Not so.

The technology in the mini keg involves C02. Each keg comes with an internal C02 compressor that helps pump the beer up and out of the keg. It’s a lot better than having to pump the beer out. You just lift a little flap and the beer comes pouring out. The C02 compressor also helps to keep the beer fresh by allowing for air tight dispensing. It says on the side of the keg that the beer stays fresh for 30 days. I can’t vouch for that, however. My keg was empty after 3 days.

The keg holds 5 liters of ice cold frosty brew, which fits nicely in a small cooler, by the way. The cost per keg is $20. Five liters comes out to 169.070113 US fluid ounces. I know that because I used Google Calculator. That’s a little over 14 12-ounce beers at about $1.41 per 12 ounces or $8.50 a six pack. That’s about the same price if you were to buy the bottles, so there’s not much savings in the keg. But if you prefer draught beer over bottles, this is the way to go. You can read more about the Heinekein Draught Keg over on the Popular Mechanics Blog.

(Photo by Popular Mechanics)

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