I’m a Superhero!

Nov 20th, 2007 | By | Category: Play, Web 2.0
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superhero.jpgOh yeah baby! Wonder Coop is in the house! :-)

Okay, I know. I have too much time on my hands. Actually I have very little, but I have this habit of procrastinating when the times get tight. This is how I proscratinate. I develop super heroes on the internet.

Want your own super hero? Check out HeroMaching version 2.5 on the UnderGroundOnline Beta site. It’s a great tool and fun to play with, but it could be so much better. The only way to save your creation is to do a screen capture. Today with all the social networking sites out there, you’d think you would be able to export to every known format possible.

So I was feeling like saving the world today with my whip. You have to smile about that.

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