Sweet Potato Pie Way Better than Pumpkin

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Sweet Potato Pie Ingredients

I hate to say it, but I think it’s a “black” thing. Yep. Ask any black person what kind of pie they’re having for Thanksgiving, and good number will probably say sweet potato. Out here in Arizona, they didn’t get the memo – sweet potato pie is better. Pumpkin pie is everywhere. To begin with, it’s not even fresh. Anyone who makes it, makes it from canned pumpkin. That’s just bad. Sweet potato pie is fresh yummy goodness. Here’s how I make it.

DSCN0665First you need the top secret recipe. Okay, it’s not so top secret. All the ingredients are pictured above and the recipe is listed here. I always double the recipe to make more pies. Doubling gets you two deep dish pies or three regular.

The instructions at the bottom say to preheat your oven to 400. Bake 20 minutes in raw shells. Reduce heat to 325 and bake until out edges puffed and jelled in the middle. That usually takes about an hour.

Mashed Sweet PotatoesBegin by cutting up your sweet potatoes into small pieces and boiling them in a big pot. Once they are soft, drain the water out and start mashing them in a large bowl with a masher. Next you can begin mixing all the ingredients into a big bowl. Best thing to start with is the butter so the warm potatoes can help melt it. The rest of the ingredients can go in any order you want. You can mix by hand or use an electric mixer. I prefer mixing by hand even though it’s a little more work.

Butter6 Eggs1 Cup of SugarBrown SugarVanillaNutmegCinnamonHalf and Half

Don’t forget the lemon. It adds a little zing to the sweetness. I usually squeeze in half a lemon – fresh, of course.Lemon in Pie

The final part involves making a decision: home made pie crush or store bought. For me, there is NO decision. I’m just not going to make homemade dough and pie crush. Nope. Not happening, so I buy Marie Calendar’s pre-made deep dish shells.

Why mess with perfection?Pre Made Pie Shells

I just fill them up and stick them in the oven to bake. It works great.Filling PiesFilling PiesFilled Pie Shells
Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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