Christmas Shopping

Dec 7th, 2007 | By | Category: Rants
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How does a person who HATES Christmas have her christmas shopping all done? Easy. Don’t buy anything. No, I’m just kidding. I did that for 5 years before a certain someone said I couldn’t ignore Christmas any more. Think of the children. So I got pulled back into the hype. I still hate it though, but I am all done with my shopping. I did it all online. The last item was purchased from this morning. Just my luck.

So, I’m starting to think this wasn’t such a good post idea after all since I can’t really say what I’ve bought for presents. What if my family is reading? Nah, I doubt it, but just in case, mums is the word. Let’s just say Woot was a big help, along with and Google Checkout, and Amazon. In fact, Woot is having a Woot Off as I write this. Non-stop deals.

Good luck with all your shopping. Don’t bother to get me anything.

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