Privacy is Dead

Dec 9th, 2007 | By | Category: News
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privacy is dead

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Another cool photo from Flickr. I started out this post wanting to talk about privacy, but I got lost in Flickr for about a half hour looking at privacy photos and I forgot what I wanted to say about privacy. I think striatic hits it on the nail though. Privacy is dead, but so what? What’s the big deal?

We all have choices, and if we choose to socialize on the web, then obviously we are giving up some privacy. But I think sharing pieces of who you are is not so bad if you understand the consequences. I’ve read many blog posts warning readers of the dangers of posting personal information on the web. I laugh at the examples of people losing their jobs because they posted photos on Flickr of themselves drinking and doing stupid stuff. Yeah, stupid people should be fired. I even read a story today about a teacher who was arrested for his stupid comments he posted anonymously on a blog. Obviously he didn’t understand about privacy being dead.

There’s no such thing as anonymous on the web, so you might as well live true and be you or stay off line. If you are a law abiding, respectful person with common sense, you shouldn’t have many problems.

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