The Irony of My Life

Dec 11th, 2007 | By | Category: Rants, Technology, Utterz
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I had to laugh at myself today when I realized the irony of my life. I spend a considerable amount of time each day communicating with people, albeit most of it is online. Today I had a face to face meeting with some colleagues at the district office, and in my rush to get there on time, I forgot my wallet. I also didn’t have any gas in my gas guzzling SUV. I did however have a pocket full of money which almost never is the case, so I stopped on the way home to fill up the tank. Well, I didn’t have that much money, so no fill up, just a $20 drop of gas. I had to walk up to the window and actually talk to a person. I said “$20 on pump 11 please.” Then I hesitated and added, “unleaded.” I’m not sure about that last part if it was needed or not. I’m pretty sure all the gas is unleaded these days, but this act of paying with “real” money just brought back memories of the old days when we did have to specify regular or unleaded when we went to the window to pay.

This is ironic to me because I don’t like talking to people in real time, yet I constantly talk to people all day online via email, Twitter, Facebook, and this blog. Talking live is over rated. My phone rings and I just look at it. It tells me who’s calling, he/she leaves a messages, and the message shows up as email. Then I listen to it and email or text a reply back, unless it’s my mother. I’ll talk to her because it might be months before she checks her email, and she never turns her cell phone on. I’m not even sure why she has one. She doesn’t even know the number. Okay, this is not about my mother.

Some people might even ask why I have cell phone since I never talk on it. Well, easy; it’s a Blackberry. I’d be in heaven if there was a way to drop the talk minutes and just keep the data plan. Just this weekend, I was in charge of dinner. I was too hungover tired to cook, so I ordered delivery. Instead of picking up the phone and calling Papa John’s, I got online, set up my account, and ordered pizza and wings online. It was great. I didn’t have to talk to a sole. And since I paid online too, including the tip, I just sent our man child to the door to accept our delivery. Best part about that experience was it was all very quick and easy. Unless you already know the phone number and know what you want, you might as well do it online because you have to look up the number and look at the menu before you can order.

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