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Dec 27th, 2007 | By | Category: Twitter
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  • Ooh Groce. Freaking out that my bud got a snake for xmas. Yuck! #
  • Follow your dreams @msherr Enjoy. "treasure lies where your heart belongs." #
  • Just signed up for the AZ Twitter Meet Up in Tempe. http://TweetUpAZ.com #
  • should be in bed, but can’t help but take advantage of http://ketchupweek.com/ #
  • Hold your horses @caitcody Game time is a while off yet for those Sundevils. Holiday bowl? #
  • Looking at Fantasy Football records. @caitcody had hardest strength of schedule. Team in final had easiest. Go figure. #
  • Getting ready to record a few podcasts and screencasts for my online class. Closing up the MacBook Pro. Firing up Camtasia on the old PC. #
  • Having a sleep over for New Year’s @caitcody. Get your skinny butt over here. byobb (bed & bev). #
  • Yep. I’ll be at the AZTweetUp @calkathy. Love Jing. Wish I could have 10 min though @betsyweber :-) #
  • Oops! Forgot an l. I’ll be at the AZTweetUp @callkathy. #
  • lost in Twitterland. Clicking on other people’s followers and reading random tweets. What a way to waste time. I need to get out of bed! lol #
  • @callkathy your last tweet was 2000. Wow! You’re a pro tweeter! :-) #
  • All dressed in my ASU maroon & gold @caitcody. Only 6 more hours til game time. Go Devils! #
  • @msherr "It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." I keep remembering quotes from that book. Good one. #
  • Any more chocolate for me and I’ll be chocolate. Oh, wait… #
  • Yippie! My plasma wall mount is here! I can hang my tv now. Love UPS. Better than Santa! #
  • Beam Files To Your Mobile For Free (You gotta love this if not for the name alone. Beam It Up Scottie.) http://tinyurl.com/2oyacc #
  • shocked to learn that the young folks aren’t into Twitter. By young I mean high school-frosh/soph in college. Just us old folks I guess. #

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