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Dec 28th, 2007 | By | Category: Twitter
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  • I’m not sure how you all can handle all those followers. I think I’m at my limit with 22. @callkathy and @scottstead are most prolific. lol #
  • Off to go watch the Devils in the Holiday Bowl. Go ASU! #
  • On tv I mean. I’m not in San Diego. You coming @caitcody? Completed 3 screencasts for my classes. Yay! #
  • Not looking good for the devils. Lots of bummed gals in maroon and gold. #
  • Going to bed sad. Devils lose. Well, I’m from Ohio too, so I can still root for the Buckeyes in the championship game. At least the Suns won #
  • Setting up my iTunes U site for my spring classes. We are piloting it this semester. Uploading screencasts and podcasts. #
  • Good idea for Twitter @msherr inspiring quotes from an awesome book. Might have to do that myself next time I read something good. #
  • Ah tis true @msherr. Shopping now on Amazon for a good book. The English major in me has been awakened. Recommendations anyone? #
  • True genre is important @caitcody. I already have my connections for romance novels. Shall I pass along a few of my favorite quotes? Hot… #
  • @befitt I’m game for anything intellectual and interesting, inspiring. #
  • Ooh. The World is Flat is staring at me from the bookshelf. Just ordered Persepolis. Thanks. #
  • Jeanette Winterson The PowerBook is rich with historical allegory, literary allusion and the ambiguity of sexual preference and/or identity. #
  • My Twitterrific bird is chirping again. Wow. I got so much done without the distraction. lol #
  • Took the boys (16 & 19) to rent videos. Haven’t been in awhile because of Netflix. They picked American Pie Beta House. I’m cringing. Help! #

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