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Dec 29th, 2007 | By | Category: Twitter
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  • Playing in hulu. http://www.hulu.com Trying to figure out what all the hype is about. It’s just tv shows online. I don’t watch much tv. #
  • Oh wait. There’s OLD tv shows too. I’m watching The Bob Newhart Show. :-) I’m old! Having an urge to drink everytime they say Hi Bob! lol #
  • Checking out Viddler http://www.viddler.com That is so cool that you can add comments, tags and video responses right on the video timeline. #
  • is browsing @smojo’s website. Good stuff. http://www.thesmojo.com/ #
  • lol. Watching Family Guy thanks to @smojo. Thanks. I’ve never seen this show. What’s up with his head? #
  • 2 more screencasts completed and lots of pdf handouts created. I just may never have to teach again. I’ve just recreated myself. Off to bed. #
  • waiting for the Brinks guy to come install alarm. Who knew they charged extra for not having a phone line. What’s wrong with Vonage? It work #
  • is now married to Brinks for 3 years. Such a big commitment for a little security. #
  • noticed that @khaynes @Tojosan @WayneJames are following the wrong me. I’m also @drcoop for my students. lonely over there. Join me here. #
  • is off to create her pea avatar. Hope it’s not too late. #
  • is now pea pimped! Donated too! #
  • work a mile away from The Farm @callkathy. Love it. #
  • Sadam was hanged in Iraq. Got that from @grammargirl. #
  • Twitter Tools by Alex King @tojosan is the best Worpress plugin. #

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