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Jan 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Twitter
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  • no calling football games for snow. It’s awesome. Okay, I think I’ll be able to recognize @khaynes and @ladawn. The rest of yall not sure. #
  • my non-twitter friends are like, "you’re going where? to do what? instead of hanging out with us?" #
  • just noticed that Flickr is down. where or where is @caitcody. Must be standing me up. :-) #
  • Man I’m having the worst luck. 1st couldn’t find keys. Yet taking 2nd car. Key won’t turn in ignition. Wtf? #
  • Finally on my way to AZTweetUp. Found spare key. #
  • Tempe town lake looks nice at night. #
  • Place is huge. Just wandering around. #
  • Ditched the twitters to go drink margaritas and watch football at San Felipe Cantina. Tweet up was fun. #
  • Wondering when I got so old that 9pm is late. Heading home. Tempe Marketplace was fun. #
  • Good luck tomorrow @cogdog Good seeing you tonight. #
  • Thinking @cogdog is tweeting while he is running his marathon. How is that possible. #
  • Great meeting some of you last night. Sorry I had to leave early. #
  • unpacking boxes, organizing the new house. About to hang pictures. Listening to the gootball game. Go Colts! #

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