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Jan 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Twitter
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  • Thanks @befitt for giving me something to take me away from working for awhile. #
  • Picking Packers and Patriots for Superbowl although I’d rather see Chargers. #
  • @caitcody lives. #
  • Oops! Somehow I accidentally nudged @nooccar. not really sure what that means. Sorry. #
  • Dang! owe $17 overage to T-mobile for all my Twittering to/from my Blackberry. Only following my new peeps on the web for now. #
  • amazing. my inbox is empty finally. I’ve been inundated with questions from students and emails with contact information to make gmail nice. #
  • didn’t realize how much time I wasted in Twitter and Google Reader. Yet I feel so uninformed at the moment w/o either. what’s going on? #
  • funny @msherr I’m ready to leave for the day but I keep refreshing gmail to make sure no new emails There will b 50 by the time I get home. #
  • Having a beer for @caitcody tough day. #

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