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Jan 17th, 2008 | By | Category: Twitter
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  • Home finally. More work to do. Weekly podcast and some Blogging. #
  • The Best Companion Tools for YouTube and other Web Videos (I was looking for something like this. ) http://tinyurl.com/25fthf #
  • Always need help @caitcody you volunteering? Cox internet is down. Guess I’m going to work early. #
  • @cogdog I thought weather ladies were supposed to be young, hot and sexy. Eye candy. Will be calling @caitcody Fri for some help. #
  • heading off to work. Cox is back up. One class today. Have to teach how to subscribe to class podcasts in iTunes.Standard English curriculum #
  • there’s always that one student… working on call #3 for the day, 1 office visit, and countless emails from same student. #
  • @msherr Have you read the book? the cluetrain manifesto Not sure it’s related #
  • need help hanging the tv bracket on the wall @caitcody We get to use power tools and stuff. You in? #
  • For all you runners, check out http://www.mapmyrun.com #
  • heading over to Rio for a Equality Maricopa meeting. I’m going to hate life on the way home. Traffic! #

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