SanDisk Sansa Mp3 Player Arrived

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SanDisk Sansa

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The SanDisk Sansa Mp3 Player (model m230) I ordered from Woot! last week arrived today. I ordered it on Tuesday, and it’s here today on Saturday. It was a two for Tuesday deal, so I got two for $19.99, plus $5 shipping. In the box was two of everything, sans any fancy wrapping and manuals. Who reads manuals anyway. The sign of a good product is being able to figure it out without having to read anything. Such is the case with these little babies.

I know what you’re saying. Who would want one of those when you can have an iPod? True, but I already have an iPod. I have three in fact: Nano, not the square one, 30gb photo ipod and a 60gb video ipod. Now if my Nano had a FM tuner and could record on the fly, I would agree with you, but it can’t. So on I go with my drooling over the very inexpensive Sansa.

This player has 512mb of space and runs on one AAA battery. I stuck one in and fired it up. It worked. I then plugged it into the computer using the supplied USB cable, and the computer recognized the drive and asked if I wanted to sync with Windows Media Player or open the folder on the disk. I chose to open the folder, and then preceded to drag some folders from my iTunes folder onto the drive. Next I unplugged it and plugged in the headphones. The music played. Sweet!

Next was the real test. How difficult would it be to figure out the FM radio and the recording features. Not difficult at all. I have a much more expensive iRiver iFP-190TC with all of the same features as the Sansa, and that dang thing was a b*t** to use. The Sansa is so much easier and user friendly. It is not as solidly built, mostly plastic, both they’re both about the same size. The Sansa is lighter because the battery is smaller. The iRiver takes a AA battery.

So I’m very happy with my purchase. The price was right for an item I didn’t really need – $12.50 each. I’ll be using one as prize for students, and the other I’ll play with and use for some quick recordings on the fly. I will now officially retire my iRiver to tech graveyard. And don’t worry about those ipods. I still have specific uses for those.

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