Finally Got Some Vid Off My Camera

Feb 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Adventure, Heath & Fitness, Video
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What a nightmare experience that was. Yes, it wasn’t easy, even for me. I shot some video yesterday of my hike on Piestewa Peak, but when I got home and tried to download it, I couldn’t. Turns out I needed the AC cable, which I did not have. So today I got it, and started once again to download my video. Turns out the new HD format, HVCHD, needs to be converted before you can see it on a PC or Mac. Rats!

After some digging, I found out I could use a program called VoltaicHD to convert the video to Quicktime, and then I would be able to edit the video on my MacBook Pro. So I downloaded the trial version to try it out. It works, but the files are huge, and it takes for ever. I have no patience, and I wanted to see video and edit video right away, like I can do with a regular camera. Not so here.

Anyway, I finally got some video, but only short clips because the trial wouldn’t let me convert the larger files. Rats! again. Guess I’ll need to fork over $30. I want to make sure it’s the best option out there first before I spend money. Anyway, here is my HD video converted down to size for YouTube. After all that, I’m wondering what’s the point. It’s not HD anymore.

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