What Do Teachers Make?

Mar 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Teaching, Video
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I came across one of Taylor Mali’s poems some time ago on YouTube. I think it was “Totally Like, Whatever.” I laughed my ass off. Weird typing it out like that. Normally I just LMAO or LOL, but it was so right on that it deserved full spelling out. I then watched the other videos that YouTube so nicely compiles for you in the sidebar of the current movie you are watching. There was one poem that spoke to my heart – “What do Teachers Make?”

Mali is so passionate about his message in his poems, and I love the message in this poem. Teacher’s make a difference. Yes, indeed we do.I did a little research to find out more about Mali tonight. Okay, I know Googling someone is not research, but it sounds so intellectual to say I did research. Anyway, I visited TaylorMali.com and learned about this phenomenal poet. He is actually a teacher and “vocal advocate of teachers and the nobility of teaching.” I’m a teacher, and was inspired. So I’m just sharing a little Mali love. Check him out if you don’t already know about him.

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