Drag Queens & Lesbians, Oh My!

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Another one of my friends turned 40 this week. This seems to be happening on a more frequent basis these days. And 40 seems to be a significant number for most people, so this is grounds for major celebration. Such is the case for my friend Dr. Kelly, who flew out from Misery (Missouri) where she practices medicine, and partied like it was 1999 (again). She did it in style, renting a 24 passenger Hummer limo and inviting all of her closest friends, myself included.


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It was definitely an interesting evening. We had everything from drag queens, to dancing, to singing, to drinking, of course. And we covered some ground starting in Phoenix, then out to Scottsdale and back to Phoenix. Half the time we had no clue where we were. It feels like you’re in a tunnel when your in the limo. You can’t see out the windows. The limo would pull up to a bar, and we would all pile out, look up at the place, and say in unison, “Oh, Amsterdam!” or “Oh, BS West!”

Every bar we went into turned into an instant party when we rolled up. The best was Forbidden. It was so dead we weren’t even sure it was open. We walked in and instantly started dancing and the whole place filled up. I think they were sad to see us go.

We got a nice welcome at BS West in Scottsdale. They saved us a big table right up front for the drag show. What is it with drag shows anyway? People love them. I don’t get it. But if you have to see one, I guess seeing the best is best. We were graced with a show by a Phoenix drag queen legend, Barbra Seville. Have a look:

So, it was an interesting night. Now I must rest up because I’m sure there will be another 40th birthday for someone right around the corner. Happy Birthday Kelly!. It was great celebrating with you.

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