So Grateful for this Unfortunate but Pleasant Experience

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Yamaha V-Star 1999

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The 1999 Yamaha V-Star Classic- Finally Got It, but…

So the saga continues, although it’s not a sad story by any means. No, it’s not, but it could be. About three weeks ago I spotted this baby on Cycle Trader online. It didn’t have any photos in the ad, but I was intrigued by the description. I mean who would not be intrigued by white walls on a motorcycle. It’s so classic. So I emailed the guy and asked if he had any pictures. He said he would send them to me when he got a chance, but evidently he never got a chance. I was anxious so I emailed back to ask if I could see it, not knowing he lived all the way out in Buckeye. He said sure and was nice enough to offer to bring it out to me to see it. I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy it yet, so I compromised and we met half way out in Surprise.

As soon as I saw this bike I had to have. Bob took it off the trailer and let me ride it around the Cosco parking lot. I could tell the bike had been taken care of and Bob was very meticulous about the bike. He went into detail about how the bike had been cared for. He even told me that the bike has never had any water on it from washing. They wiped the bike clean by hand with towels.

So we made the deal right there in the parking lot and made arrangements for me to get a check and Bob would load the bike back on the trailer and deliver it to my house in Phoenix. I wanted to ride it home, but he insisted that he deliver it. It was a long ride. He wanted to make sure it got there safely. Well, long story short. It didn’t make it. When Bob tried to load the bike back on the trailer, one of the ramps slipped and he dropped the bike and himself half on the trailer and half on the ground. I just about cried. The tank got a nice big scratch on it and the fancy red air filter thingy broke off. Apparently that’s an important part to the bike.

Bob insisted that he would get it fixed. Initially I thought there is no way I’m waiting to get a bike. I’ll just keep looking, and that is what I did, but no bike compared to this one. So for two weeks I waited for Bob to fix the bike. Poor guy had some ordeal. He had to order a new tank that had to come from Japan. The bike shop order the wrong pieces for the air filter, and in the mean time he would drive from Buckeye to Atwatukee to work on the bike with his son.

Finally on Thursday, Bob called to say the bike was ready. I was so excited. He delivered it that night, but said that the starter might be going out on it. He was so concerned. He asked me for what seemed like the 100th time, do you still want to buy the bike. He said his son would help me fix it if the starter went out. I didn’t hesitate for a second. I handed over the check with a smile and was happy as can be. The next morning I rode it with no problems. But when I got back from Mexico yesterday, it wouldn’t start. Rats!

I called Bob, really feeling bad for the guy and myself. He doesn’t have to help me at this point. I bought the bike as is. Well, I phoned him just to check if he could still help me. He was expecting my call and had already order the starter for me. His son will call me when it gets in. I almost cried. I will pay Bob for the part since it is my bike now, but it will sure save a lot of money not having to pay for the installation of the part. I’m so grateful for this unfortunate but pleasant experience. There should be more Bobs in the world.

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