Hawley Lake Camping for the 4th

Jul 9th, 2008 | By | Category: Adventure
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Hawley Lake SunsetWe go up to Hawley Lake every summer for some rest and relaxation on the lake. It’s just so beautiful up there. We went for the first time the first week in June, but decided we would come back up for the 4th of July since we love it so much. We’d never been in July, and now we know why. There are too many people crammed into one space for this holiday weekend, making for a noisy messy camp ground. I was literally miserable at times. People were loud, rowdy and drunk, and made no effort to hide this fact.

We had a great camp site, close to the water, but unfortunately we were also close to a turn around road. All night long people would be driving around trying to find camping spots and would drive right by our tent, stop, idle, and even turn around. All the while their exhaust would fill our tent and their headlights would shine would light up the area. We got no sleep during the night.

So my advice to you is no camping up at Hawley Lake in July. It’s just a whole different experience. Stick to May and June when it’s quiet and peaceful. 😉

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