Trimming Bush & @nooccar is a Lesbian!

Jul 11th, 2008 | By | Category: House, Lesbian, Video
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I had an interesting Twitter conversation with @nooccar today, who began with “it’s hilarious when you’r txting about trimmin’ bush ;)” in response to my tweet: “bush trimming turning into super big job. No wonder the yard guy was charging me $165 a month.” Amused that he picked up on a possible double meaning, which was not intended, I offered: “You must have been a lesbian in another life.” To which @nooccar proclaimed: “I am a Lesbian now!! I like women!!!!!!!!!!!” Sorry Nooccar. You’re missing the other half of the equation. You too must be a woman! Maybe in you next life. :-)

So back to the intended meaning of my tweet. I was actually trimming “real” bushes today – yesterday too. In fact, I’m still not finished. I hopefully will finish up tomorrow morning when it’s cool. I shot some video of the mess I called my backyard and the transformation to get it back to beautiful. Not because watching video of my backyard is compelling, but because I’m working on a video summer project where I am exploring all things video. I wanted to test out my Flip Mino camcorder and Windows Movie Maker on the PC. So I filmed my backyard, trimmed the bushes, and made this movie. No, if you’re looking for a video of the unintended meaning of trimming bush, you won’t find that here. Sorry @nooccar.

Trimming Bush from Coop on Vimeo.

Trimming Bush

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