Hiking the Phoenix Mtn Preserve

Jul 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Heath & Fitness, Utterz
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Originally uploaded by dr.coop

Monday was a cool day here in Phoenix. It never made it over 100 degrees, so I decided I would go for a hike. I loaded up all my gear and headed out. I’m a gadget girl, so I had lots of gadgets with me including Nike Time + Distance GPS unit, Flip Mino, and my Blackberry Pearl.

I snapped photos with my Pearl and shot some video with the Flip, and just overall got lost in the moment. I ended up hiking 3 miles through the preserve, the whole way Twittering, and sending photos to Flickr and Utterz. It was fun. I got to feed my technology addiction AND get some exercise.

Hiking Phoenix Mountain Preserve from Coop on Vimeo.


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