Romance Novel with Interesting Plot Twist

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Heart 2 HeartI finished a romance novel yesterday in one sitting. I was bored and thought it would be good to just spend the day reading, so I did. The book I read was called Heart 2 Heart by Julie Cannon. It is a lesbian romance novel published by Bold Stroke Books. Most of the books from this publisher are pretty good. In fact, this one was actually pretty good as well, but I did have problems with the interesting plot twist at the end. Don’t read this if you want to enjoy the book because I’m revealing the plot.

You have to understand first that romance novels always follow a pattern. I personally hate that, so when I find a book that doesn’t, I instantly love it. The pattern is that there is a long build up for the couple to get together. Then they do and there is always great sex. Next there has to be something that happens that breaks them up, and the story ends, of course, with the couple coming back together to live happily ever after. Generally the break portion of a book is the part that always angers me. It’s always something stupid that makes them split. Well, H2H had an interesting plot twist.

A year prior to the couple in the book getting together, one had a heart transplant and the other lost her twin sister to an anneurism during child birth. Turns out that there was a strong possibility that the heart the main character received was from the other’s dead sister. And this, of course, freaked her out and she just couldn’t bare to be with the woman of her dreams if that was the case. She explained it as feeling like she was making love to her sister. I didn’t see it that way.

People donate organs to loved ones all the time. I thought it was a wonderful coincidence that if she did indeed have her sister’s heart, what a joy she was able to help save her life. I also thought what kind of karma was that that she actually made the decision to donate her sister’s organs and now the woman she loves is alive because of it. And to think that you still have a piece of your loved one with you all the time. Obviously that was not the mindset of the main character.

So she freaks out. Okay, but she really does nothing to find out the truth. That wasn’t believable to me. And it took so long for her to even talk to the woman she loved, to tell her how she felt. She just didn’t say anything. Sheesh! That made me mad.

I still liked the book though, and I appreciate that the canned part was actually a little different from the norm.

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