Weekend Ride to Prescott

Jul 28th, 2008 | By | Category: YouTube
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C and I packed our bags and headed north for the weekend. We have a friend who’s family owns a “compound” up in Walker, AZ, which is between Prescott Valley and Prescott. The place is located way back in the woods a ways past Lynx lake. I’m not sure how many acres they have, but it’s big enough to have 3 cabins and huge barn area.

We checked the weather before we left to make sure we wouldn’t get any rain since we were riding our motorcycles up. Slight chance was the forecast, so we took our chances. The ride up was beautiful but as we got closer to Prescott Valley we noticed the ominous dark clouds above our heads. As luck turns out, we actually missed the storm. When we got to PV, the ground was wet and the air chilly. The storm had just passed through, so we continued on into Prescott to grab a bite to eat. The same situation greeted us in town, where the rain has just passed through leaving wet roads and a just rained smell.

After our lovely dinner at Murphy’s in downtown Prescott, we back tracked to Walker and our friends cabin. Our luck ran out as soon as we turned off the main road headed for the cabin. We got a lite rain as we rode the last 5-6 miles. It was hard to see through the windshield. Why don’t bikes have windshield wipers? I wonder. But we made it and enjoyed a relaxing weekend in the pines.

Here’s a little video I shot of the ride and our accommodations:

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