Three More Weeks Until Election Day

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Man, I can’t wait! I have no idea how it will turn out, but if Obama wins, I can’t wait to celebrate. So I’ve been politicking lately for some very important issues that will affect my life. No, Obama and what he can do for this country are far off, and what he does for our country I won’t see for some time. But here in Arizona we have some initiatives on the ballot that could make a difference in my life right now. For one is Proposition 102. This is the proposition that would amend the Arizona Constitution to say that marriage is between one man and one woman. This is important not just because if it fails it would give same sex couples hope, but it’s important because it makes a statement that people don’t want for government to be changing the constitution everytime some interest group gets a stick up their butt. Gay people in Arizona can’t get married. There’s no need to waste our time and money with changing the constitution to prohibit people from doing what they already can’t do. So, I’m voting No on Prop. 102. In fact, I’m voting no on all of the propositions on the Arizona ballot. Here’s a message to all those people who wrote those initiatives. Do I look stupid?

We also have two seats open on the Maricopa Community College District Board. One is in District 3, which is roughly an area between I-17 east to something like Scottsdale Rd. North and South it covers just about everything that is livable. You can check the real boundaries here. We need some fresh blood on our board, but what we don’t need is Sheriff Joe supported, right wing nuts on the board. So I’m looking for a little help in getting Pam Petty a board seat in District 3. She’s a retired teacher who will keep the interest of all teachers in mind as well as students when making decisions.

There is another seat up for grabs on the west side, District 4. If you live west of I-17 that includes you. Have a look at Randolph Lumm for this position. He also is supported by the faculty association in the district.

So don’t sit on your butt this year for the elections. Get out and vote. And read ALL the information about those propositions. There is a lot more to them than what the commercials tell you. Tricky little devils! :-)

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