Straight People Just Don’t Get It

Oct 19th, 2008 | By | Category: All About Me, Lesbian, Rants
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A gay friend of mine emailed me yesterday asking for help with something. Her father emailed her to ask what her position was on the Proposition 102 issue. He wanted for her to explain why “marriage was so important” to her. He felt that gay people can pretty much get all the same things that marriage provides by obtaining legal documents designating such, so why do we want to get married. Here is my response to her.

Oh goodness. Straight people just don’t get it. It’s about equal rights, not separate but equal. We’ve already proven that didn’t work in the 60’s. So I can protect my gay family by hiring a lawyer and spending lots of money to fill out the paper work so my insurance, retirement savings and property go to my family if I were to die, and give my partner permission to make medical decisions for me and even visit me in the hospital should I become seriously ill. A straight couple can just get married. How is that equal? Even then there are some things that can’t be covered legally. Take social security for instance. I’ve worked my ass off for 25 years paying into the system. If I were to die tomorrow, my family gets nothing. Your dad dies tomorrow (God forbid) and his wife and children get benefits from social security. How is that equal?

My company pays domestic partner benefits for me and my family, but because we are not married, those benefits are paid to me and I am then taxed on those benefits. Then the district takes the money back to pay for our medical insurance. What that does is put me in a higher tax bracket, so I end up paying more taxes. Married couples have their benefit costs subtracted before taxes. Is that equal? Not.

Now I think that the institution of marriage should be thrown out for everyone and civil unions should be implemented in its place. Marriage is an institution established in churches. People choose to get married in churches. They follow the beliefs of their respective religions. Their bibles say homosexuality is wrong, along with a whole slew of other sins that nobody seems to care about any more. And what about separation of church and state? What about the 3rd Amendment: Freedom of religion, which basically says I’m free to choose religion or not, and that no law “respecting an establishment of religion” can be made by Congress. There must be some fine print on the Bill of Rights saying “except for in the case of same sex marriage.”

So that was my argument, albeit short, but that is how I feel about marriage. I will be voting no on Proposition 102 in November.


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