Pimped Out My Blackberry Storm with Unique Skins

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Unique Skins on my Blackberry Storm

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I was reading some blog the other day, probably BlackberryCool.com, and I saw a story about a new skin for the Storm. It looked so sweet in the photo, I just had to jump on over there and check it out. For $20 I was able to get one for myself, but the best part was I got to design it myself. I could use any picture I wanted. I love this photo I got off of Flickr as a Blackberry Storm background, so I uploaded it and designed my skin.

Not only is my skin custom, but it’s also scratch resistant so my new Storm won’t get all scratched up. I have a traditional rubber cover for it, but it’s too bulky and takes the slim sexy look away from the Storm.

Installing the skin wasn’t too difficult, but I wouldn’t call it easy either. You have to have a steady hand to get all the pieces lined up. If you mess up, you can easily peel it off and start again. It doesn’t appear to lose it’s stickiness. And the company boast that the skin leaves no residue on your device when removed. So far I love it.

The only thing I don’t like is the screen protector that comes with it. It’s not as clear as the others that you can buy for the screen, and the thing is nearly impossible to pull off and reposition if you don’t get it just right. Unfortunately I didn’t get mine right, so it looks funky. I wish I could get another one to try again or I may have to go back to the other brand I was using.

They make skins for lots of different phones, iPods and laptops, so If you’re in the market for some bling for your tech, check out Unique Skins.

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