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A N I M O T O: the end of slideshows Turns still pictures into a video with music. 30 second videos are free. (tags: application audio cool digital editing editor education mp3 images photos tool video utilities slideshow web2.0 tools music) Social Annotation: Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note & Clipping # […]

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Oct 24th, 2007 | By | Category: Delicious a new mobile network with a web presence that essentially acts as an extension of your mobile phone. It synchronizes with pretty much everything you do on your hand set, saving messages, images, videos, ringtones, checking your ringtones, and more. This g (tags: applications backup mobile online social socialnetworking software web2.0 cellphone)

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100 Websites For Internet Beginners (tags: internet beginners website list) Twine aggregate data around various points, in a rather automatic manner, for the purpose of organizing information based on who you know and what you know. Dubbed “knowledge networking,” its a form of collective intelligence applied to the web and search. (tags: collaboration community database […]

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Utterz – Welcome As with all Utterz posts, you can create an entry using your mobile phone to send voice, text, photos and videos. AutoPost will format the content for you and be published on your existing blog. (tags: blogging cellphone content mobile sharing video wireless)

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Phonevite Broadcast updates and reminders over the phone for FREE (tags: apps cellphone collaboration cool events free friends gadgets mobile notification phone productivity service social socialsoftware tool tools useful utility voice web2.0 invite invitations)

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Oct 12th, 2007 | By | Category: Delicious live audio and video messages and comments Let your place be more interactive! Our free widget lets visitors place their own audio and video messages on your site, blog or profile! (tags: blog blogging blogs comment comments community discussion sharing video widget widgets)

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a Calorie Counter – Count Calories & Food Nutrition Facts FREE Webapp a Calorie Counter searches the USDA food nutrition database and provides instant nutritional information for thousands of generic or prepared food products. (tags: calculator counter diet fitness food health nutrition tools workout calories Database) Rememble Rememble is a ‘washing line’ for your digital […]

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Dynamic Drive- FavIcon Generator Use this online tool to easily create a favicon (favorites icon) for your site. A favicon is a small, 16×16 image that is shown inside the browser’s location bar and bookmark menu when your site is called up. (tags: application art blogging blogs browser code icon web design icons webdesign tools […]

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Grocery List Generator – Share your GLG recipes with the world The Grocery List Generator (GLG) is a helpful little tool to store your recipes, ingredients and all the other groceries you need regularly. It creates a well-organized grocery list grouped by aisle, to help make your grocery shopping as easy as possible (tags: diet […]

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TIOTI (tags: aggregator online social tv video television streaming community) If you’ve forgotten an important password but have it saved in its applicable software or web page, password utility Snadboy’s Revelation will reveal it. Open the application, drag your cursor over the asterisks, and the password will appear. (tags: free freeware hack hacks security […]