It’s Time for Bed

Yep. Bed time. Now that the main living space has been renovated, it’s time to get the bedrooms together so we can have guests. The refinished wall bed is installed, a hand-me-down full bed with mattress set is set up, and the queen refinishing project is almost complete. The only thing missing was bedding and mattresses.

Remember the old days when you had to buy or move a mattress and box spring? It was literally a pain in the butt. I’ve seen this picture numerous times on the roads around town. Luckily these days things have changed. Mattresses and box springs come in boxes that are mailed to you. You just open the box and let the mattress expand out into a full sized mattress. It’s quite magical to watch.

At first I was a bit reluctant to try one of these new fangled foam mattresses until I realized I’ve been sleeping on one for the past four years. Oops! Yep. I obviously did not do the mattress shopping last time. We ended up with an organic latex mattress which apparently is similar to these foam mattresses but better. So I ordered two: a queen from Live and Sleep and a full from Zinus. Both were purchased on Amazon for less than $350. In fact, the Zinus mattress cost only $150. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure how well it would work for everyday sleeping, but for a guest room, I think it will suffice.

I purchased this bed on OfferUp for $50 and got busy with the sander. I wanted to refinish it so it would match a dresser we have in our spare room now. It was a lot of work to realize that it doesn’t really match, but it’s closer than it was before. This picture is the half way point. Stain applied, but now it needs a few coats of poly. The biggest difference is this piece is made with cheap pine and the dresser wood has a nice grain pattern to it. You get what you pay for, so I can’t complain since I only paid $50 for headboard, foot-board, rails and center support. Once it’s finished, all it will need is the a fore mentioned mattress and foundation.

The foundation was the biggest surprise for me in this whole setup. The new mattresses don’t really need box springs anymore, but some beds are made where you need something for the mattress to sit on. It doesn’t have to be springs. It just needs to be solid. So they make these “foundations.” They’re really cool. They come in a box with some hardware and a cover. You just have to put it all together and wallah, you have a mattress foundation. The left becomes the right in a matter of minutes.







So in a few weeks our guests will be climbing into a bed that was deconstructed, rolled and compressed, and they’ll never know what went into getting the bed ready for guests (unless they read this post). Can you believe the picture below is of a queen sized mattress?

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