Running Out of Supplies Is Par For The Course For Me

I’m STILL doing renovations up at the cabin, but I’m close to being finish. Yay! It’s taking so long because my math skills are lacking, and I keep running out of things I need to finish. A few weeks ago it was ceiling tiles, then mortar for the fireplace tile. Last week it was the wood for the accent wall in the living room and motivation for angle cuts on the vinyl floors.

I was able to get 3/4 of the wood wall done and the TV wall mount and electrical boxes installed, but I had to order two more packs of wood from Lowe’s to be delivered this week in order to finish this project. So I’m heading up soon and should finish up the wood wall project this week. I really like the look of this accent wall, and it’s super easy to install. You can see a quick progression video of the wood planks being installed (magically) at the end.

As for the stone wall behind the fireplace, I need to pick up more mortar from HomeDepot before I’m able to finish that wall. I had to buy an angle grinder to make some cuts, but it turns out the manual tile cutter works better for the straight cuts I’ve been making so far.

The angle grinder was throwing sparks and just when the cut was almost done, it would crack the tile. Dang! So close. I’m not sure how I’m going to make those angled cuts at the top when I get that far. The ceiling is vaulted and angles up to the right. We’ll see about that when we get there. That angle grinder better work.

In the mean time I’m making my way with installing the vinyl flooring. We bought it at Lumber Liquidators and love the wood like gray texture of the planks. It’s called Tranquility XD 4mm Edgewater Oak LVP, and it’s water proof. Vinyl is supposed to be very durable which seemed like a good fit for cabin in the woods.


So far it looks like I actually ordered enough of the flooring and underlayment required for install, so I hope to wrap this project up this week. I only have about a third of the kitchen left to do. The only thing slowing me down were the angled cuts in front of the fireplace. I wish I had mad math skills to figure that out. What a pain in the booty. I was using the miter saw and rotary tool to make those cuts last week, but I think I’ll try a band saw this week, as there is an angle in front of the sink. It might be safer to use a different saw. I really like my fingers.

One last incomplete project I have to finish is the ceiling tiles. I almost forgot about that one, as I did the majority of that work almost three weeks ago. As per the course with me, I ran out of tiles, not once, but twice. So sad how I miscalculated that order. Only 8 tiles to install and quick coat of paint, and I’m done.


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