Chillin’ in Happy Jack

Camp fire ring

Front yard campingInstead of hard labor up in Happy Jack this past weekend, we decided to just chill and enjoy the cool temps. No work for us although I hired a contractor to remove some tile in the kitchen. We had our first guests, and they had to camp out in their Tab trailer in the front yard. But when you have a yard as big as ours, camping is not a problem at all. It was tight backing her in there, but there was plenty of room once we got through the gate. The house sits towards the back part of the 1 acre lot which is sloped up, but the front part of the lot where the camper is situated in the picture is fairly flat.

camp fire and tvWe didn’t want to miss out on the first NFL game of the season being that our first night camping was Thursday night, so I hooked up the Amazon Fire Stick to the TV and set it up outside. WiFi is strong enough to reach outside, so we were able to stream the game and enjoy a camp fire too.

Camping at the cabin was a lot of fun. At this rate, we may never sleep inside the house in Happy Jack. We will however continue to use the kitchen and bathrooms.



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