Let the Renos Begin – It’s Demo Day

Well, it’s actually demo month. That’s how long it’s taking me to remove old carpet, tile and scrape popcorn ceilings. Chip Gaines always makes demo day look like fun. It’s not fun. It’s hard work. And why someone felt the need to paint the popcorn ceilings is beyond me. That crap is hard to scrape off.

We bought this 20 year old modular home in Happy Jack, AZ. It’s actually in really good shape, but everything in the house is brown, including me. My goals is for me to be the only brown in there when I’m done. So bye-bye brown carpet, brown tile, brown walls, brown cabinets, and brown window treatments. Hello gray.

carpet removalLucky for me the carpet removal was a much easier job. It took no time to cut and roll the carpet and pad in smaller strips and remove from the house. It was just a little dusty underneath and not much glue. I was able to finish removing the living room floors, popcorn ceiling and the weird drywall strips in two weekends. What really took the most time was this small 4’x4′ section of tile in front of the door. I think they nailed in the backerboard with about a hundred nails. My back still hurts from that.

Demo houseBut I finished one room, and now have two more to go (Den & Kitchen) before all the demo is done. Then I get to try my hand at drywall patching on the gaps. I think they call it tape and float. I watch a few videos on YouTube, so I’m an expert now. 😉

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