Mountain Biking & Breweries in Moab

Bike in Moab

This year on the annual summer camping trip, we made it to Moab and Arches National park. I was really excited because I got a new mountain bike a few months ago, and I was excited to try it on some real trails. I looked up the easiest trail in Moab and discovered that Dead Horse Point State Park had the Intrepid Trail system in the park, so I was able to ride the Intrepid to Raven Roll to the Great Pyramid trail. It was an awesome trail with great views, and it wasn’t too difficult. Below is the photo I shot using the Cardboard camera app on Android. It takes photos you can view in a VR headset.

Dead Horse Point State Park
Panoramic photo of Dead Horse Point State Park. Photo by Coop

The ride was a bit bumpy in the beginning, but once I got my confidence, I was able to ride it fairly easily. I stopped occasionally to take in the sites. This is a great trail for beginners.

Selfie by Coop

I thought it would be a lot hotter this time of year, but we got out there pretty early, and it wasn’t bad at all. 81 degrees in late July. It also wasn’t that crowded this time of year. I think most people think it’s too hot and plan their summer trips earlier in the summer. That’s fine by me. I enjoyed it.

There are two parks in the general area: Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  Canyonlands is the largest national park in Utah. We were able to drive through Arches, but not Canyonlands, so we didn’t get to visit the Island in the Sky which “sits atop a massive 1500 foot mesa, quite literally an Island in the Sky.” Maybe next time. There was a lot of land to cover.

Coop & Cam
Coop & Cam

And we had some breweries to visit as well – 16 in all, but one of the best was in Moab. Good thing as it was the only brewery in Moab. Ha! They had some good beers and good food. So good we went twice during this trip. We never do that. So shout out to the Moab Brewery.


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